Some positive words from our discerning clientele...

Dr Amit Koshal

'Having never used a PA before, I was not quite sure how to begin searching and the qualities I should be looking for.

Sophie at House of LM took the time to m

eet me and understand the business and personal needs to help shape a job spec and desirable qualities.

Over the forthcoming weeks this was added to seamlessly in a convenient, non-intrusive manner, which resulted in what can only be described as a description for a super human that could not possibly exist!

After hours of interviews by Sophie I was presented with a short list and guess what? They did exist!

I have been delighted with the process and outcome and have already recommended House of Lifestyle Management to others.'


"The House of Lifestyle Management, well where do I start! I have used cleaning agencies in the past and due to the poor experience I vowed never again, but The House of LM is a completely different business model and customer experience. Professional while friendly and personal, the Directors Sophie and Alex took the time to come and meet us and discuss our requirements, they asked questions and helped us think about what would really work for us.

Struggling to run a business, look after two young dogs (who love making a mess), and manage a large house while dealing with some health issues, I was feeling overwhelmed and it felt like I spent all my weekends doing housework! To say Sophie and Alex have given me my life back is no exaggeration. They recruited a Housekeeper for us who is the perfect fit, so much more than just a 'cleaner'. Recently returning from an overseas business/family trip it was lovely after travelling for 24 hours to come home to a sparkly clean house, ironing all done and towels freshly laundered! The extra touches like milk and bread in the fridge and fresh flowers with a welcome home card, make you feel important, little things that mean such a lot and set this business head and shoulders above the rest.

But don't just take my word for it, try The House of LM for yourself, I have only one regret and that is I didn't get my housekeeper sooner!"

Sue Grogan

I've known Sophie and Alex from The House of Lifestyle Management for some time and recently started using their PA services as I was getting overwhelmed with the amount of phone calls and emails I needed to send out in order to get meetings with potential clients.

I now have Katherine working with me, making phone calls, sending emails etc to set up these meetings for me. Many of them have been with the Senior Partners of local Solicitor firms who are notoriously busy and difficult to get to see.

Katherine has been very successful and has arranged meetings that I would certainly not have been able to sort out myself.

The impact of getting those senior partner meetings means that my business is now growing really well and I'm developing some niche support services for solicitors, as well as other small businesses.

Katherine also understood the nature of my support services to reduce absenteeism and recruitment costs very quickly, which certainly helps.

My ROI is very good, in that the business brought in has exceeded the cost of the services.

Sophie and Alex give great back up support and also check regularly that all is well and things are running smoothly.

I'm extremely pleased as my time has been freed up to do what I'm good at and I feel confident when I go to a meeting that my business has been presented as highly professional through the support of The House of Lifestyle Management.

I highly recommend them.